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The Chartnote Chrome extension lets you dictate your notes directly into any web-based EHR.

Once you are ready to complete a note in your EHR, select the text box where you want your dictation to be inserted and start the microphone. 

You can dictate using any USB microphone, or download the Chartnote mobile app to use your smartphone as a microphone.

If you decide to use Chartnote mobile to dictate, sync the app to the extension by scanning the QR code. Note that you will need to rescan the QR code if you want to dictate on a different tab in your browser.

When using a USB microphone, a hotkey or keyboard shortcut can be used to start and stop the microphone. By default, the key combination is Shift, Control, and Down Arrow (Shift + Command + Down Arrow for Macs). If you want to change this shortcut key, go to the extension settings > Keyboard Shortcuts > press the toggle mic edit button and type a shortcut that includes Control, Alt or Command in the key combination.

Notice you can also change the keyboard shortcut to activate the Chartnote extension and search for a snippet or template.

A handheld dictation microphone like the Philips SpeechMike can also be configured to work with Chartnote.

If the dictation bar is blocking a key section of your EHR, you can change the position of the microphone button by going to the extension settings > preferences and select the area of the screen that works for you.

Inserting snippets and smart templates

Expand snippets as you type.

While writing your note, you can expand a snippet by typing the abbreviation preceded by the @ symbol, and followed by hitting Tab on your keyboard. This will insert a snippet of text as long as the cursor is in a text box.

You can also insert bigger blocks of text or smart templates. When inserting a smart template, a popup window will let you edit the content before it gets inserted into the note.

Abbreviation prefix and expansion key preferences

Change your keyboard shortcuts and snippet expansion preferences on the extension settings.

EHRs behave differently with specific characters or keystrokes. For example, AthenaHealth displays an internal library of templates or macros when typing period (.) and Elation would move to a different text box when pressing Tab on your keyboard. 

Therefore, if you need to change the the character used to expand a snippet when you type your abbreviation shortcut you can do so in the extension Settings > Preferences > and select from three options: @, . or /. (i.e. instead of typing @acne, you could type .acne, or /acne to expand your snippet). 

Similarly if you need to change the keystroke used to expand your snippet, you can choose to use Tab, Enter, or Space. 

Search for a snippet

By default, your account is preloaded with more than a thousand templates. There is no need to memorize all the snippet abbreviations. You can always open the extension and use the search bar to find the one you are looking for.

Chartnote keeps a top ten list of your most used snippets. To have quick access to the search bar or this top ten list, you can use a shortcut on your keyboard that will quickly open the extension.

Press Shift, Control and Period* simultaneously to open the extension and search for a snippet. You can use your keyboard arrows to navigate the results. Select a snippet and hit enter to insert the snippet into your note.

If your cursor is not in a text box, you will see an error message that will prevent you from inserting a snippet.

* Shortcut for Mac User: Shift + Command + .

Create a new snippet or discover one in the Community Library

If you can’t find the snippet or template you are looking for, you can always create your own snippet or discover thousands of templates in the Chartnote Community Library. You can import any snippet into your personal library, edit and customize it to your own needs.

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