Chartnote Mobile App - Use your phone as a microphone for medical dictation

Chartnote Mobile App - Use your phone as a microphone for medical dictation

Get it today! App Store: Google Play: Create a free account today at

Use your smartphone as a microphone to dictate your notes and insert snippets with voice commands.

Link your mobile device to your desktop using a special QR code.

Dictate your clinical note with next-generation AI voice-recognition that has a 99% out-of-the box accuracy rate and is accent-agnostic. A fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant cloud-based solution that is truly mobile.

Once you create a free account on our website (, you will be able to use our Chartnote mobile app as a microphone to dictate your notes. Chartnote links your mobile device to your desktop using a special QR code generated by the web application.

You can complete your medical documentation from any computer. In the office, at the hospital or at home. Use voice commands to insert snippets of text and templates. Once you complete your note, you can easily transfer it to any EHR. 

Increase your efficiency and speed-up your workflow with this easy-to-use app. Simplify medical documentation, have a meaningful interaction with your patient and be more productive. Chartnote is the productivity tool created to bring back the joy of practicing medicine.

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