Encounters - Nesting Snippets to Quickly Complete Your Note

Encounters - Nesting Snippets to Quickly Complete Your Note


Encounters is a feature we built to speed up even more your medical documentation. If you ever wish to insert multiple snippets at once, you can now build an Encounter.

For example, let’s say you currently use five snippets to complete a note for a visit of a patient with knee osteoarthritis where you performed an injection. Instead of inserting a snippet for each section of your SOAP note (HPI, PE, A/P, Procedure, CPT/billing codes), you can now create an Encounter and insert all the snippets with a single click. 

Encounters can be found in the Library section. To build an encounter search for a snippet and add it to the appropriate SOAP section of the note. If your snippets are labeled with the SOAP section they belong to, they will automatically land in the correct spot. You can alway drag and drop to where you preffer the snippet to appear. 

Once you finish creating your encounter, save it. Make sure you give it an easy title to remember. And make sure you share with the community. Contributing content will allow other users to discover your work. You can also discover prebuilt encounters in the Community and Chartnote Libraries.

Encounters allows you to nest snippets in each section of your SOAP note. If you ever want to combine multiple conditions for one visit (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia), you can add them all to your encounter and later insert them with a single click.

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