Hotkeys - Navigate your note with the keyboard.

Hotkeys - Navigate your note with the keyboard.

Use your keyboard to navigate and complete placeholder fields. Start/stop your microphone.


Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that provide quick access to a particular function. They are triggered by pressing a combination of keys simultaneously on a computer keyboard. 

When navigating the brackets or placeholder fields in your note you can use voice commands like “next field” or “previous field”. However, if you have multiple fields in your note you might find it easier to navigate your placeholders using your keyboard. 

Using hotkeys you can quickly jump from field to field. For example, to navigate to the next field, press “Control” and “Right arrow” at the same time. If you are using a Mac press “Command” instead of “Control”. This will highlight the next placeholder and enable you to edit the field by dictating or typing text. Similarly, if you want to jump back to a previous field, use the hotkey “Control” and “Left arrow”.

Remember that you can also use the hotkey “Control” plus “Down arrow” to start or stop your dictation. 

When you want to keep the default content of a field, you can use the “Control” plus “Up arrow” hotkey. This will remove the brackets and keep the placeholder default value as is. The voice command equivalent to this function would be “field complete”.

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