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Using Chartnote Mobile Notes

Mobile notes are designed for healthcare professionals that need to create medical notes on the go. Anytime you are not in front of a computer, you can open Chartnote mobile on your phone and dictate a quick note. Between patients in the clinic, while rounding in the hospital, or when visiting a nursing home. Perhaps while enjoying a cup of coffee in the cafe.

All the notes created on the app sync and save to the Chartnote web application. Mobile notes are viewable online and update every time you make changes to a note on your phone.

Find My Mobile Notes in the note section on Mobile notes on Chartnote Web are view-only until they are published to My Notes.

How to Create a Mobile Note on the App

  1. Open Chartnote Mobile and select My Mobile Notes.

  2. Select Create Note to create a new mobile note.

  3. Tap the microphone button to start dictating your note. 

Dictating your Mobile Note

After tuning on the microphone, the mic button will turn yellow for a couple of seconds while the speech recognition loads, and then it will turn red. This means the microphone is in listening mode. You can now start dictating. The microphone bar will show a preview of your transcript before it is transferred to the note.

Dictate your notes on the go. Keeping the microphone close to your mouth improves the accuracy of your transcription.

Switching between SOAP note sections

After opening a note and turning the microphone on, your transcribed dictation will appear on the Subjective / HPI text area. To dictate on a different SOAP note section, select one of the four dark red buttons on the bottom of the screen to jump to a different section of the note.

You can also select the Abstract text area to dictate a “one-liner” summarizing the note or to give it a title. The abstract section can be used to label the note for future reference.

By default, each note has four sections:

  • Subjective / HPI

  • Objective / Physical Exam

  • Assessment & Plan

  • Miscellaneous

The titles for these note sections can be edited on Settings > Preferences on th Chartnote web application.

Saving Changes vs Publishing to Web

When you finish dictating your note, press Save changes to save your note. Saved mobile notes will appear listed on My Mobile Notes view both on the mobile and web app. You can come back to these notes to continue dictating. A view-only version of these notes are also available on Chartnote Web.

My Mobile Notes lists notes created and saved on your mobile device.

Mobile notes need to be published before they can be fully editable online ( Pressing Publish to Web will transfer your note to the Chartnote web application, where it will be listed under My Notes. Here you can insert and interact with complex snippets.

You can also publish a mobile note using the swipe gesture from My Mobile Notes list.

Published mobile notes will no longer be available on your phone. A viewable copy, labeled as published, will remain on Chartnote Web under My Mobile Notes.

Published notes on My Mobile Note Chartnote Web application.

Assigning a Patient to your Mobile Note

This is an optional feature for users who want to link a patient to the note. If you have previously created a patient on Chartnote Web, the Assign a Patient field will search your patient list as you type. To create a new patient, simply press on Create new patient

Required fields include name, last name, gender, and date of birth. Other optional fields include medical record number, email, phone, and notes. Press on Save Patient to continue working on your note.

Chartnote uses Amazon Web Services to provide highly secure hosting for both services and data. Communication between client and server is end-to-end encrypted. HIPAA business associate agreements available for Teams users.

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