New Features: Medical Dictation and Encounters

Next Generation AI Voice Recognition

🎙 Next-Gen AI Dictation 

We upgraded our dictation with a next-generation AI voice-recognition solution. It has amazing accuracy and voice commands that help you navigate your SOAP note.

Next Generation AI Voice Recognition

Dictate your notes using punctuation commands (periods & commas). If you are familiar with products like Dragon Medical from Nuance, this will be a walk in the park.

To start dictating simply click on the microphone button and start talking at a conversational speed. To stop the microphone click on the button again (you will notice a change in color from green to red, which is the standby default).

You can also use a voice command to stop the microphone (stop mic). Alternatively, use a hotkey (Control + ) or (Command + ) to start/stop the microphone.

Using a microphone is essential to ensure an accurate documentation. Keep the microphone 4-6 inches away from your mouth when dictating. Any headset or USB microphone should do the job. Our favorite microphone is a tabletop goose neck microphone. It frees up your hands to handle the keyboard and the mouse.

For more tips and recommendations on dictation best practices please checkout this article.

Our next-gen AI speech recognition solution is powered by Augnito. Our solution uses machine learning and gets better the more you use it. It also includes a miriad of voice commands that can speed up your documentation. This commands will let you navigate, select and edit text.

Some of these commands include:
- Go to next field.
- Go to assessment.
- Select the last sentence.
- Select the last 3 words.
- Scratch or Delete that (this command will delete the selected text).

For a full list of our voice commands plese click on the (?) button next to the microphone. 

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