Enhancing Patient Care with AI Scribe: Your Guide to Informed Consent

Obtaining Consent for Using AI Scribe in Your Practice


We encourage clinicians to obtain consent before using our AI Scribe, just like they would when using an in-person scribe. Incorporating an AI scribe into your practice can streamline clinical documentation, allowing more focus on patient care. However, it's crucial to obtain informed consent from patients before using this technology. This guide outlines the methods for obtaining consent.

Physicians can obtain verbal consent from patients during the medical encounter. It's important to document this consent in the patient's medical record. 

Documentation Example:

“Discussed the use of audio recording for clinical note transcription with the patient, who gave verbal consent to proceed.”

This record ensures that consent was informed and given freely by the patient.

If a physical or electronic consent form is required by your clinic, your staff could help your patient complete this form prior to the visit. They could even email these forms to patients before their visit. 

A consent form should be provided by your clinic's legal or administrative team, tailored to the specific use of AI scribe technology in your practice.

Make sure that the form is comprehensive, covering all aspects of how the AI scribe will be used, and the confidentiality of the medical records.

Consider using or sample consent form. You can find it here > Sample Consent Form for AI Scribe

Medical assistants can present a laminated text to patients for obtaining consent. This method is useful for patients who prefer reading over verbal explanations.

Suggested Text for Patients:

"Before we begin our visit, I'd like to inform you about the AI scribe software tool I use to improve clinical note-taking. This tool helps me focus more on your care by reducing the time I spend on computer-related tasks. It captures and converts our conversation into text, which is then summarized into a clinical note. I will review and edit this note before adding it to your chart.

Rest assured, the tool only accesses our conversation during your visit and does not use the information afterward. Your medical records will stay confidential, shared only with our care team and any other parties you authorize.

May I have your permission to use this AI tool during our session today and in any future consultations with me?"


Regardless of the method chosen for obtaining consent, it is imperative that patients understand the use of AI scribe technology, how it benefits their care, and how their privacy and confidentiality are maintained. Ensuring informed consent not only adheres to legal and ethical standards but also fosters trust between the patient and the healthcare provider.
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