Chartnote Dictation Essentials: The Ultimate Voice Commands Cheat Sheet for Clinicians

Getting Started with Chartnote Voice Commands

Our voice command feature is designed to streamline your medical documentation process, allowing you to dictate without having to use your mouse or keyboard. This guide will introduce you to some basic voice commands and tips for effective usage.

How to issue commands

Activate Voice Recognition: Before you begin dictating, ensure that your microphone is on.

Speak Clearly and Naturally: For best results, speak clearly and at a natural pace. Ensure you're in a quiet environment to minimize background noise.

When issuing voice commands, be sure to pause before and after the full text of the command, but do not pause in the middle of the command. Do not include additional words within your command.

Voice Command Cheat Sheet


Full Stop / Period
New line
New paragraph


Add Space
Delete last 'n' word(s)
Delete last 'n' line(s)
Scratch that


Go to line start
Go to line end
Go to document start
Go to document end
Go to next field (editor)
Go to previous field (editor)


Ctrl / Cmd +  (Starts / Stops)
Ctrl / Cmd +  (Next Field)
Ctrl / Cmd +  (Previous Field)
Ctrl / Cmd +  (Field Complete)
Ctrl / Cmd + Shft +  (Accept Defaults)


Select last word
Select last 'n' words
Select last 'n' line(s)
Select All
Select [word or phrase]


Next field (enclosed in [brackets])
Previous field (enclosed in [brackets])
Field complete (remove [brackets] from selection)
Accept defaults (remove [brackets] from all dynamic
fields that have a default value)


Go to abstract
Go to subjective
Go to assessment
Go to objective
Go to miscellaneous


Stop Mic
New Note
Copy Note
Preview Note
Print Note

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